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This is a Zurich group for men who want to practice and develop their Yoga practice, naked and together with other men. It is a mature interest group, open to any men over the age of 18 - gay, bisexual or straight - who is interested in integrating their sexual energy in their Yoga practice.

Naked Men Yoga aims to:
- Promote physical and emotional wellbeing
- Promote body acceptance through moving naked with other people
- Meet other men interested in Yoga and harnessing the power of their sexual energy.

Naked Men Yoga meet for both naked Yoga or tantric Yoga workshops about once a month. In Tantric Yoga workshops, men will work in pairs or groups and will explore sexual pleasure together through sensual touch and breathing exercises. While no sexual act is explored in the sessions, men who join tantric Yoga workshops should feel comfortable with exploring the body of other men. In naked Yoga workshops, no mutual or group exercises are required.

Who is this group for:
- Men who have a physical activity. While experience in Yoga is not needed, and you do not need to be an athlete, a minimum of physical fitness is required to join the exercises.
- Men who are comfortable or enjoy being naked with other men.

A contribution for workshop will be asked - depending on the workshop and duration.

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