Design Sprint + Conversion Optimization Basics

NEON Product Masterminds Hamburg
NEON Product Masterminds Hamburg
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Hey ho Product Masterminds,
still on a high from our packed, first incredible meetup we're pleased to invite you to the next one.

We've got a lot of great feedback from you guys. So we'll show more variety and give you introductions to current topics.

A lot of people asked us afterwards, if we could give a more proper introduction into Design Sprints. HAPPY TO DO SO ;) We've prepared a simple and hands on introduction into the Design Sprint Process:

- What it is
- How it came to be
- How it works
- What you need to run it
- What it's good for (and what not;)
- How to set it up

You'll get a comprehensive introduction and you can ask all the questions you always wanted to ask. Also if you've already run or participated in a Design Sprint and have some questions or struggle with something. We're happy to share our experiences and hacks.

Thanks to all of you who participated in our live poll. As wished, Valentin Espagne from Upliftr will give you an Introduction into the basics of conversion optimization. This is also the chance to ask all of your conversion questions you always wanted to ask. And share your experiences.

As to the surroundings: this time at an awesome location not only with a rooftop terrace an a view, but also with an A/C!! ;) Thanks to the awesome people at ZEB/ Tabularaza who invited us to host our next meetup at their offices. And they also gift us with some ice cold soft drinks. YEAHH!!!

If you have a specific topic/ questions you like us to address at the meetup, send it to me upfront ([masked]) or post it here in the meetup group.

Can't wait to see you again and meet the new product masterminds.