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N.O.R.E.I.A.’s mission and commitment to its members is clearly defined in the single purpose of the organization: to assist our members in succeeding in their real estate investment goals by providing continuing education, motivation, inspiration, and opportunity in a positive and mutually supportive environment. Our philosophy is further expressed through the basic principals of professional practices for real estate investors that the association follows: •People come first •High standards of ethics and professionalism should be reflected in investor transactions •Investors should maintain a positive win-win approach in solving people’s problems while investing •Real estate investing is a step by step process •Education’s purpose is positive action

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Main Monthly Meeting-Landlording

Wyndham Garden New Orleans Airport

NOREIA is proud to bring you nationally renowned speaker Jeffrey Taylor (aka Mr. Landlord) to our September meeting! He is superbly energizing and has an uncanny ability to turn bad tenant/landlord situations into a win-win for both sides. His charisma will draw you in, but his invaluable insight will make you a believer! When Jeffrey Taylor and his wife became accidental landlords, they had no idea that the mistakes they were making and the challenges they were facing would one day serve as inspiration to thousands of real estate investors and landlords across the country. Jeffrey transitioned from being a full-time school teacher into Mr. Landlord, a highly sought-after speaker, trainer and author who has spent the past 34 years teaching landlords how to treat rental property as a business, increase their cash flow, and reduce their headaches along the way. His resume includes being CEO of Mr. Landlord, Inc., a national property management firm and publisher of the Mr. Landlord Newsletter, with over 10,000 subscribers. He has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money, Business Week Magazine, Real Estate Journal, and Personal Finance Magazine. In addition, he has been a guest of dozens of radio talk shows and authored numerous books, reports, and publications on rental property and its management. Join us as Mr. Landlord shares the latest management ideas and solutions to help landlords achieve maximum control of their properties, maximum rental income, maximum resident retention and cooperation! Sign up on our website: https://www.neworleansreia.com/Events.aspx?ID=Main-Monthly-Meeting-Landlording-55-9-19-2019

NOREIA Rehab Bus Tour

Wyndham Garden New Orleans Airport

This month’s Saturday event will be a bus tour through several houses in various phases of renovation. We will meet at The Wyndham Garden New Orleans Airport Hotel at 8:00AM. The buses will leave at 9:00AM. At each stop, we will tour the property, discuss the process, the renovations, the numbers, as well as the local market. You will have an opportunity to ask questions. Don’t miss this chance to network with fellow NOREIA members and broaden your knowledge of one of the most profitable strategies in real estate investing. You’ll leave with a better understanding of what makes or breaks a flip, what design elements are key for the area, and tips on staying on budget. There will be an optional meetup after the bus tour for lunch, further discussion, and networking. At this time, the location of the houses is to be determined but they will be within the Greater New Orleans area. Sponsors for the NOREIA 2019 Bus Tour are To Be Announced! If you would like to be a sponsor, please contact us at [masked] Register on our Website: https://www.neworleansreia.com/Events.aspx?ID=NOREIA-Rehab-Bus-Tour-55-9-21-2019

NOREIA Basic Class: Tax Sales

Wyndham Garden New Orleans Airport

Join us on our Monthly basic's class where we will discuss just what you are buying at a tax sale. The bidding process. Being redeemed as opposed to confirming title to the property. Tax Sales as opposed to adjudicated property sales. Don't miss this opportunity by signing up on our website: https://www.neworleansreia.com/Events.aspx?ID=Basic-Class-Tax-Sales-MEMBERS-ONLY-55-9-26-2019

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NOREIA Experienced Mastermind Group

Wyndham Garden New Orleans Airport

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