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This is where we come together for the joy of moving our bodies stretching out and doing that thing we call yoga. You will find i teach a variety of classes from beginners to advanced - I teach creative flows - i hope to challenge you physically and mentally.

Arriving to my class is an experience, the music, the smell, the light the atmosphere - i encourage community and will also run the occasional social event after yoga , picnics by the spree, vegan breakfast, chats over a cup of tea.

Who is nineyoga?

I am Jenine. I founded nineyoga in 2017. I took my first yoga class when I was young, but it wasn't until my later years that I took it up more seriously. The practice started to change my perspective and opened me to new directions in life. I could no longer spend long hours day in, day out in front of a computer screen: I took the leap and quit my job to follow my passion for healing arts.What to expect in my class?You can always expect a thorough, well-rounded class. We often begin slow - to first centre and gently awaken the body. As the music picks up pace, we move into a more dynamic, challenging practice - looking to strengthen, balance and harmonize the body as we focus on connecting breath with movement. You can expect freedom in your practice: I will encourage you to adapt it to your level and cultivate an intuitive approach in order to feel what is needed right there, right then, in the moment. We stay light as we go - we don't take ourselves too seriously and allow ourselves to laugh as we explore, go deeper and tackle challenge.I use Tibetan Singing Bowls to help you still and clear the mind in your final relaxation - Savasana.


I've accumulated a total of 700 hours of yoga teacher training that I undertook right at the source, on powerful river Ganges in Rishikesh, India. First at Vinyasa Yoga School Rishikesh (200-hour YTT in 2015), then at INDEA Yoga with Bharat Shetty (500-hour YTT in 2016). To complement the traditional training, I've learned from inspiring modern Western yoginis - Kathryn Budig, Kino Mc Gregor, Sharon Gannon and Jessica Stickler - that I've taken workshops with over the past years.

Additional Wellness Practices

My other practices beyond yoga are Thai Massage, Shiatsu and Tibetan Singing Bowls.I've studied Thai massage with `JEAB’ Anong Khamjeen at Siam Healing Centre Thailand, Thai Massage with Till Heeg at the Sunshine house in Athens. I currently continue my basic Shiatsu Massage training at the Shiatsu School Berlin Kreuzberg. I've also completed a one-on-one Tibetan Singing Bowls Healing training with Akhilanka at the Temple of Singing Bowls in Mysore, India.

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Let go Flow


This lunch-time class will help let-go of the stress of working week and fill you with energy for the weekend. We will start with Pranayama that will progress into a full-body, full-breath flow. This class aims to relieve body tensions accumulated from being seated for too long with the focus on chest opening, releasing shoulder & neck pain, loosening tight hips and preventing lower back pain. Nurturing, music filled, steady Vinyasa flow that you can get lost in. All levels welcome! I provide options and variations so that you honor wherever you are in your practice on the given day. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the class starts. Matts, blocks and blankets are provided. I look forward to seeing you on the mat! Cost: USC Members Welcome Trial: 10€ Drop In: 14€ 10 Card: 110€ to be used in 3 months Getting to our beautiful, light studio: Ring the bell - 8. Spotsetage Go through the Hinterhof and enter the door on the right (i need to buzz you through here also). We are on the 3rd floor. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me @[masked] and [masked].

Open Air Dragon Dance: Vinyasa Yoga & Tai Chi


German version below: A fusion of Tai Chi and Vinyasa Yoga, the Dragon Dance is an intense, steamy practice. This flow is a vivacious 'Yang' exploration, delving into the deep layers of the body, both physical and energetic. Perfect for anyone who loves flowing styles of yoga as well as meditative energy practices. Where? Our outside spot at the Molecule Man. Entrance at Martin -Hofmannstraße - walk towards the Spree. We are on the sunny grassy spot located between the twin towers and Treptow park - if you're lost, call me![masked] If it's raining or too cold, the class will be cancelled but I will always let you know via Facebook! What to expect? Strength, balance and flexibility are called upon as you step deeper into the Dragon’s fire. You will be guided through a rhythmic, repetitive sequence, building intensity as you connect deeper with the Dance. This moving meditation requires focus and stamina and offers connection and liberation in return. The flow will end with a gentle, grounding meditation. About Grace, your Dragon Dancer I've been teaching yoga for 4 years and practicing regularly for a decade, as a progression from my training as a dancer. What began as very much a physical movement based practice, has evolved to include an understanding of many different experiences of bodies and their capabilities. I teach from a place of curiosity, honouring the individuality of each mind and body and how we connect differently with the practices of meditation and movement. in 2015 I discovered the Dragon Dance in Bali from Cecile Rouband and Valentina Dunn and I have been sharing it ever since! I've recently joined the Nine Yoga Collective, and am excited to offer the Dragon Dance as part of this collaboration. with Love and Dragons, Grace ---------------------------------------------------- Samstagsyoga & Thai Chi @ Molecule Men: Der Drachentanz ist eine Mischung aus Tai Chi und Vinyasa Yoga und eine intensive, dampfende Übung. Der Flow ist eine kraftvolle Yang-Erkundung, die sich mit den tiefen Schichten des Körpers befasst, sowohl physisch als auch energetisch. Perfekt für alle, die fließende Yogasequenzen und meditative Energiepraktiken lieben. Was zu erwarten ist? Stärke, Gleichgewicht und Flexibilität sind gefragt, wenn Ihr tief in das Feuer des Drachen eintaucht. Ihr werdet durch eine rhythmische, sich wiederholende und Intensität aufbauende Sequenz geführt, während Ihr euch tiefer mit dem Tanz verbindet. Diese bewegte Meditation erfordert Konzentration und Ausdauer und bietet im Gegenzug Verbindung und Befreiung. Der Flow endet mit einer sanften, erdenden Meditation. Über Grace, deine Drachentänzerin Ich unterrichte seit 4 Jahren und praktiziere regelmäßig Yoga seit einem Jahrzehnt als eine Weiterentwicklung meiner Ausbildung als Tänzerin. Was als körperliche, bewegungsbasierte Praxis begann, hat sich hierhin entwickelt, wo es ein Verständnis für viele verschiedene Erfahrungen mit Körpern und ihren Fähigkeiten beinhaltet. Ich unterrichte von einem Ort der Neugier, der die Individualität jedes Geistes und jedes Körpers ehrt und wie wir uns auf unterschiedliche Weise mit den Praktiken der Meditation und Bewegung verbinden. 2015 entdeckte ich den Drachentanz auf Bali von Cecile Rouband und Valentina Dunn und teile ihn seitdem! Ich habe mich kürzlich dem Nine Yoga Collective angeschlossen und freue mich, den Drachentanz als Teil dieser Zusammenarbeit anbieten zu können. mit Liebe und Drachen, Grace

Vinyasa Earth Flow


please check my facebook for updates https://www.facebook.com/nine.yoga/ www.implus-yoga-berlin.de (http://www.implus-yoga-berlin.de/) Weichselstraße 53 / Ecke Weserstr. 12045 Berlin Neukölln Please buzz on the buzzer Praxis at Weichselstraße 53 Vinyasa Slow flow , In this class we relax and de-stress While still challenging the body with longer holds syncing breath and flow. This class is designed to increase flexibility reduce stiffness in the spine, improve circulation, release tension and create breath and body awareness. We flow for One hour then practice a variety Relaxation and meditation techniques / sound bath meditation, Yoga Nidra, Antar Mouna, Vipassana etc Please arrive 5 to 10 mins early There are some mats at the studio but bring your own if you have one. www.implus-yoga-berlin.de (http://www.implus-yoga-berlin.de/) Weichselstraße 53 / Ecke Weserstr. 12045 Berlin Neukölln Costs: Trial 10 Drop In :14 € 5 card pass : 50 € to be used in 5 weeks 0ther discounts available just ask :) This class is also available to USC members message me /[masked] [masked]

Dynamic Vinyasa


This is a vinyasa yoga class suitable for all levels and all body shapes. Vinyasa is an energising, challenging practice with a rewarding balance of relaxation. Creative vinyasa flows are used, which focus on opening up the body and clearing the mind to leave you feeling absolutely refreshed, balanced for your day ahead. ========================================== Costs USC Members Welcome Trial : 10€ Drop In :14€ 5 Pass Card : 60€ to be used in 5 weeks 10 pass Card :100 € to be used in 3months 30 day Pass : 90€ can me used for all my classes Talk to me about discounts and my whats app group RSVP here or just turn up! Personal yoga training and Traditional Thai Massage on request Gift cards available for 60min massage or yoga Please be a good yogi and be on time. Ring the bell - 8. Spotsetage go through the Hinterhof and enter the door on the right (i need to buzz you through here also) we are on the 3rd floor If you have questions call/message me on[masked] [masked] Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the Class starts There are matts at the studio blocks and blankets ==========================================

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