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This is an intentional group. Please join to show interest for future meet up to practice Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

People who practice NVC have found greater authenticity in their communication, increased understanding, deepening connection and conflict resolution. The purpose of this group is to give you an overview and anyone who is interested in practical exposure to Nonviolent Communication is welcome to join to meetup in Chiang Mai.

Curious about NVC or already have some experience...

About Nonviolent Communication (abbreviated NVC, also called Compassionate Communication or Collaborative Communication): it's a communication process developed by Marshall Rosenberg beginning in the 1960s.


NVC focuses on three aspects of communication:

• self-empathy (defined as a deep and compassionate awareness of one's own inner experience),

• empathy (defined as an understanding of the heart in which we see the beauty in the other person),

• honest self-expression (defined as expressing oneself authentically in a way that is likely to inspire compassion in others).

Nonviolent Communication is based on the idea that all human beings have the capacity for compassion and only resort to violence or behavior that harms others when they do not recognize more effective strategies for meeting needs. Habits of thinking and speaking that lead to the use of violence (psychological and physical) are learned through culture.

NVC theory supposes all human behavior stems from attempts to meet universal human needs and that these needs are never in conflict. Rather, conflict arises when strategies for meeting needs clash.

NVC proposes that if people can identify their needs, the needs of others, and the feelings that surround these needs, harmony can be achieved.

NVC is taught as a process of communication designed to improve compassionate connection to others, it has also been interpreted as a spiritual practice, a set of values, a parenting technique, an educational method, a communication tool in organizations, a base of communication in sociocracy and a worldview.

Do you need NVC online training and free resources check this link (https://nvctraining.com/registration/aff/go/xavierok?i=9).

Credit and thanks to Hanspeter organizer of Bangkok Nonviolent Communication practice group (https://www.meetup.com/BangkokNonviolentCommunication/) to advise us and allow us to re-use and share part of his goup information, handbook, text and resources.

Join now and let's start a great NVC practice meet up in Chiang Mai

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