Worum es bei uns geht

Missing that friendly "Hi, how are you?" at the grocery store? Thinking of turkey and garlic mashed potatoes? Wondering where to have S'mores on 4th of July?

This is a group for people who have moved to Northern Germany from Canada or the U.S.,who are originally from there or who have lived there for a considerable amount of time. The idea is to connect over language, habits and traditions, experiences and memories. Although it might happen occasionally, the main purpose of this Meetup is not to indulge in glorifying the new world nor to bash the old one (or vice versa). Instead, I hope we can find a way to combine the best of both worlds.

I returned to Germany in 2011 after 14 years living abroad. The transition has taken a lot of time and effort, and I'd like to meet others who want to preserve some of what they appreciate about North American culture and life style.

I would like this group to be dynamic and grow and expand into what the members would like it to be. If you are interested in becoming an assistant organizer or co-organizer let me know. That would allow us to schedule a greater variety of activities and meet the ideas and interests of more members.

Please note: This is not a group for those who seek to practice and improve their English language, sorry. There are plenty of groups out there for that purpose.

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Dieser Inhalt ist nur für Mitglieder verfügbar