• General Group Discussion on Your Meetup Group!

    WeWork 3 Waterhouse Square

    This Meetup will be about having a general discussion about your Meetup Group! It will suit organisers who have recently setup a Meetup group, plus experienced organisers. It will cover: - We will have a general discussion on your Meetup Group, we will take it in turns and you will be able to talk openly about your group. The rest of the organisers present will advise you on issues, spending about 5-10 minutes talking about each persons group. I will be able to bring your group page up on the large screen, so others can advise on content. I will be connecting by laptop to the giant screen in the room, so feel free to bring your laptop or smart phone so we can navigate through the platform together. Looking forward to learning about your groups and how we can use Meetup to make your communities even stronger!