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Intro to Azure Cosmos DB & Business Intelligence Markup Language

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*** Cosmos DB: NoSQL strikes back
(an overview of the dark side of your data) ***
Speaker: André Essing
Technical Solution Specialist at Microsoft Deutschland GmbH

It was once a long time ago in a far, far distant galaxy...
For a long time, SQL was the only option to store application data. There were always rebellious activities to overthrow the SQL empire, which spread a new hope. But all other ways to store data turned out to be just a dark threat.
After the awakening ofCosmos DB the revenge of NoSQL begins.
During the session, we look at Azure Cosmos DB in detail about what you can achieve with Cosmos DB and how Cosmos DB can be used in a galactic environment from data and applications.

*** The SSIS package that optimizes itself ***
Speaker: Ben Weissmann
Managing Director, Solisyon GmbH

The number of parallel dataflows in SSIS is limited depending on the presystem. Thus, a parallel loading is only possible up to a certain point. But what if tables grow differently in size and/or fast?
Only a regular optimization helps to avoid wasting resources.
Or you have strong growing structures with incoming foreign keys that have to be observed in the loading order?
We look for both cases, how we can solve and optimize these with BIML largely automated!

*Sessions are planned for being held in German - since we only had a native German audience the last Meetups...*