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For product managers, product owners, and other creators who are passionate to deliver what your customer needs, this meetup is a place to ask questions, network with others, and level up your skills in product discovery, design and development.

Go beyond requirements gathering. Turn your ideas in to solutions that make your user's world better.

Practice the art of full product design thinking. Learn proven tools and techniques. Dare to break with convention. Because you need to deliver the products and solutions your customers want.

We meet to discuss all aspects of product ownership and product delivery. If you are working on an Agile team, or just curious about Agile product development, here is a place to ask each other questions, share pains and gains, and build a community of folk who want to master the art of delivering products that customers want.


Our meetups usually start with brief lighting talks from invited guests to lead into an open space for the community to exchange ideas and answer questions.

This group is for people who call themselves Product Owners, Product Designers, User Experience Designers, Developers or just curious. You are Product Makers. We focus on all aspects of Product Ownership, Design and Delivery.

Our initial plan is to meet once every quarter. As the group grows we may want to meet more often.

(What is a POByDesign? Visit pobydesign.com (http://posbydesign.com) to find out.)


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