Probabilistic Programming

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Interested in Probabilistic Programming?

Come over & join our next meetup! We're going to talk about Probabilistic Programming and Bayesian Methods.

If you'd like to get prepared and know more, you can read the "Bayesian Methods for Hackers" book:

We'll host two talks.

One is by Alex Petrov, he's going to talk about Bayesian Inference and how to make machines biased:

Humans have many biases. Let's call them priors. They also have their expertises. Let's call them hypothesis spaces. We often make the conclusions we make swiftly, and without much effort and call it intuition. How do we make machines reason intuitively and what it may end with.

Examples will be given in Probabilistic Programming framework called Anglican, successor of the Goodman & Tenenbaum Church language.

One will be given by Johannes Drever. He will give some examples from the book "Probabilistic Models of Cognition" ( in the church programming language. The paper "Simulation as an engine of physical scene understanding" ( serves as an in-depth example on how Monte Carlo simulations may be used as a model of human cognition.