Ghost Lines - Tuesday Night One-Shot Extravaganza [EN]

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"It is the year 891 of the Imperium that united the shattered isles of the cataclysm under one rule — all glory to his majesty the Immortal Emperor.

You work the ghost lines—the electro-railroad that passes through the ink-dark deadlands between cities. Spirits of the dead, drawn to the vital essence of the living, often get entangled in the powerful electrical field generated by the trains. Line bulls like you walk the length of the cars, magnetized boots clanking and breather-mask hissing, to clear the offending spirits with your lightning-hooks before they do too much damage."

Grim quasi-Victorian steampunk ghostbusters facing the unknown on trains crossing the bleakest wasteland. Come out and play.
More info and the whole game here:

No idea what this is all about? Don't worry, it's fine!
Whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned RPG veteran, feel free to join in.
If you have any interest in collaborative storytelling, go ahead and sign up, even if you've never tried before. I do my very best to keep my sessions welcoming. Hit me with all your questions in the comments or message me.

This is a one off, we'll start and end the story on the same night.

X-card on the table to keep things safe and inclusive for everyone, as usual (

Part of the Tuesday Night One-Shot Extravaganza series, the indie RPG night going off the rails!