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I'm looking to start group for people who struggle with different types of anxiety and are interested in travelling to places of interest that they normally would think of as being outside their comfort zone. I guess you could think of it as kind of like a mobile safe space where the only rules are to be safe, kind and respectful to one another. I want the group to be as inclusive as possible so people of all ages over 18, backgrounds, ethnicities, ability levels, genders, sizes / body types, sexual orientations, etc. are welcome.

As far as where we travel, it could be as local as downtown Oshawa or Whitby, or as far away as downtown Toronto and beyond (who knows maybe if we form a strong enough group we could really test our horizons and travel to another province or country!).

I guess I have what could be considered "high functioning" anxiety, in that I can usually hide my symptoms and feelings, but internally I know that anxiety is still having a very limiting impact on my life. One of the ways I feel my anxiety limits me the most is my ability to travel anywhere outside of Durham alone. I'd love for this group to help people gain the confidence to travel to cool new places they're interested in visiting but haven't had the confidence to check out on their own. Hopefully we'll make new friends while learning to navigate all of the fascinating chaos of Toronto!

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Day of the Dead Festival

Harbourfront Centre

The Haunting at Black Creek

1000 Murray Ross Pkwy


1590 Lake Shore Blvd E

Tennis at Iroquois Park

500 Victoria St W

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