Let's talk: Photojournalism and Documentary Photography

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We will try a new format that hopefully helps us all to deepen our knowledge in the field of photojournalism and documentary photography! :)

How it works:

1. Research prior to the meeting photojournalists and/or documentary photographers. Select the series/documentary you find (most) inspiring or interesting and save the images on your laptop or bookmark the link to the website. You can also bring a book/magazine with images of course if you prefer. Don't worry, a 30 min online search will do.

2. When coming together, you present the selected work of the photojournalist/photographer and explain in your words why and what you like about the images.

3. After everyone presented, we will discuss together what makes a good story, why this form of photography still matters today, and we will try to understand the differences between photojournalism, reportage, and other genres.

Please keep in mind that this format only works if everyone is willing to do a little "homework" and actively participates in the discussion.

This event is open to anyone - you don't need to have prior experience in the field or be a photographer or photojournalist.