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Pittsburgh WordPress developers, designers, and general users who want to ask questions, share tips, and be inspired. Welcome freelancers and businesses who use WordPress professionally, but also learners and single-site users with questions or in need of tips. No question is too small. Plug-in developers, framework lovers, child-theme makers, come on in, too!

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Calling all greater Pittsburgh area bloggers!

Code and Supply Workspace

Are you a blogger in the greater Pittsburgh area? If so, this meetup is for you. Let's get together and talk shop! We'll have a round table discussion where we share our blogs, tools we love and things we've learned along the way. Feel free to leave the name of your blog and URL in the comments for everyone to check out ahead of time! Note that you don't have to blog on WordPress to come to this meetup, but we may talk about some WordPress-specific tools and tips.

WordPress Pittsburgh Mega Meetup

Code and Supply Workspace

Join us for our first mega meetup on Saturday, October 19, 2019 from 2PM – 7PM at Code & Supply in East Liberty. We’re looking for YOU — the DIY WordPresser who wants to learn more and connect with others in the WordPress Pittsburgh community — and we hope you can attend. This isn’t our normal meetup — we’re jam-packing the evening with TONS of great content and networking opportunities. We’re planning on three speakers, a happiness bar, pizza and lightning talks. Check back here for more information on talks and speakers. Visit https://wppittsburgh.com/fall-2019-mega-meetup/ for more information.

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Getting Started with Email Marketing on your WordPress Website

Code and Supply Workspace

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