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We are getting started! Our first Meetup will take place on March 16th.

What do you need in order to participate?

* You don’t have to play an instrument and don’t have to have any musical experience to join the session.
* If you play an instrument please send me in short (a few phrases only) your musical background: what instrument, since when you are playing, what tunes did you play so far, what is your favorite music style, can you read music?
* Bring your instrument in case you have one.

Please send me your favorite tune (only one) as soon as possible, but in any case please before March 9th as a link to YouTube. Otherwise it won’t be possible to take your favorite tune in consideration. The song you chose you should love and have an emotional binding to. It can be any style (Pop, Rock, R&B, HipHop, Folk, Worldmusic, Blues, Jazz, Electronic, Latin, Classical, you name it )

We will work and play during our session on as many tunes together as possible. We will start immediately to play the music and do some exercises to the original recording first as a play along, after some rhythmical training without any instrument (just clapping) and fixing other little issues. There will be a professional band to accompany and teach you the tunes on the spot. If possible, everybody should participate on every tune and support the favorite tunes of fellow participants. In the end we will play our original arrangement of your favorite tune together and will have lots of fun!

Eventually we will keep on working on all the tunes you guys send in and try to play them all - if not in this session, then in one of the upcoming ones.