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This is a group for anyone interested in discussing, in an open and respectful manner, things that happen in Germany, Europe and the world. Possible areas to discuss include current events and policy options, economics, international affairs, and general political theory relevant to current times. Depending on interest, discussions could also focus on a specific topic, discussion of a book, or magazine article.

My reason for establishing the group is two-fold: As a political scientist, I am deeply interested in social and political trends. But I often talk to the same people and would love to broaden my horizons, including by sharing perspectives with people of diverse backgrounds.

Please be aware that this is a discussion group, not a political action group. All points of view are welcome.

I'm not sure of the format which the meetings will take eventually, but could imagine a casual get-together over drinks to start with. Perhaps we could also pick a topic for each meeting once the group has been established? If you are interested, we could also attend some lectures or panel discussions together and discuss them afterwards.

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