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New to town? Want to make new friends in Portsmouth?

Welcome to the Portsmouth young professionals group.

When life changes, you move town or just fancy meeting new people then come along to the young professionals and meet new people! We like to meet up for casual drinks, brunch, pub quizes, coffee and cake, comedy nights or whatever takes our fancy.

Hopefully we shall see you at the next event :-)

--- Jon ---

p.s. To keep this group free to all, our sponsor Fly 4 Real covers the meetup website fees. Fly 4 Real run Spain's first outdoor wind tunnel, check it out: http://www.fly-4-real.com

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The Best Meetup Pub Crawl does.... Budapest

Jack Doyle's Irish Pub & Restaurant

That's a bit far for a pub crawl on a Sunday, innit? Ok, so I am going to Budapest with me old mate Dean on this weekend and so for the hell of it... why not try and do a Meetup? Soooo....... Maybe you happen to be going to Budapest on the same weekend. Maybe you were thinking of a break away and were torn between Budapest and Butlins.... now there's no contest. Or maybe you just thought that those guys are probably so cool that you just want to go anyway.... So there you go. I have no idea how this will go. I have been looking at bars and pubs in the hotspot area and this one seems great - http://www.jackdoyles.hu/ - so we will start off there at 6.30pm, then look to move on at 8pm. (PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESS AS THERE MAY BE 2 BARS OF THE SAME NAME) This is intended for anybody and everybody who is in Budapest at the time and hopefully people from far and wide can join us 2 lads from Portsmouth in search of a good old social time. If anybody knows of anyone else who would be interested, please let them know. Much love, Damian x

The Best Meetup Pub Crawl South Coast Special

The John Jacques

South Coast 'Special'? Are you telling me the other Best Meetup Pub Crawls haven't been special then?? Of course! But this time, both the Portsmouth Young Professionals and Southampton 20s and 30s Social Meetup groups will join together and so hopefully you can join us for a bumper night of fun and pleasantries!! We will have lots of time to talk about that lovely friendly football game happening too. Some of the Portsmouth crew went to the Southampton pub crawl on 7th September we all had such a great time, so there is no reason that this one cant be even better!! We will start at 5pm at the Wetherspoons near Fratton train station (The John Jacques) and then head off at 7pm towards Albert Road, the birthplace of the Portsmouth Meetup pub crawls. Whether you are beer or wine aficionado or tee total, everyone is welcome... Suggested route: - - John Jacques - Fawcett Inn - Lawrence Arms - Royal Albert - Wine Vaults - Lord John Russell - One Eyed Dog As always, I will wear something distinctive and will post updates as we go along, so if you want to join us later on in the evening then you will be able to check the feed to see where we are. See you soon!

Rutland Arms Pub Quiz

Rutland Arms

Hi, What's to say? Pub quiz at the Rutland Arms. We've been to this pub quiz before and it was indeed a pub quiz :-) and good enough to go back to. It starts at 8pm but to get good seats we shall meet around 7pm but you can come later if you want. Entry is £2 per person at the pub. Maximum team size is 6 so we'll have to split into teams when we get there :-) Organiser: Jonathan Number:[masked]

Newbie Pre-meet @ Kassia


Dear all Newbies! To make it easier for new people I have created this event 15 minutes before the midweek meet-up, before the majority of people turn up. The venue is the Kassia on Osborne Road, a modern & vibrant bar - with plenty of cocktails. See you there :-) ## OFFERS! ## * £3.50 soft drinks (FREE refills with coke, diet coke and lemonade!) * 2 for 1 on cocktails @ £10 * 6 bottle of corona/budweiser @ £18 * 2 bottles of wine @ £30 (merlot, pinot and zinfandel) ############# Parking is available free of charge in the Waitrose car park, the machine may give you a ticket on entry but after 8pm it is completely free to leave. Jonathan p.s. To keep this group free to all, our sponsor Fly 4 Real covers the meetup website fees. Fly 4 Real run Spain's first outdoor wind tunnel, check it out: www.fly-4-real.com :-D

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Midweek Drinks @ Kassia


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