Product Crunch - Education Edition w/ VaiKai, CareerFoundry & Junge Tueftler

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Goodpatch GmbH

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Follow the Product Crunch signs to the Backyard (treppenhaus 4) to the first floor @ Goodpatch Studio

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Dear Product Crunch people,

we are back this month with an all new Product Crunch event. We invite you on Wednesday, February 21st to our Education Edition where we are really excited to welcome 3 great speakers: Justyna, Franziska & Megan who will share with us great stories, learnings and insights:

Justyna (Designer & Entrepreneur) of Vai Kai (
»Children are born learning geniuses. How to enhance it with technology?«;

Franziska (Founder) of Junge Tüftler (
»The role of design in education«

Megan (Head of Product) of CareerFoundry (
»Keeping the Human Touch in Online Education«

More details about our speakers:

Justyna Zubrycka

Justyna is an experience designer and industrial designer with skills focused around connected playthings for kids. She builds playful tools to support Child-Centered Development.

She specializes in tangible interfaces, that merge physical elements with digital processing and connectivity. In her work she strives to enhances children's natural creative ability and innate urge to discover the world trough play, engaging emotions and all their senses in learning process.

She is a co-founder of Vai Kai, a company that builds smart playful companions for children. Their first products are little wooden creatures that have lives of their own, supporting kid's development. Accompanied with daily routine they communicate with quickening heartbeats, kisses, giggles, sneezes and groans in a very cute manner.

Franziska Schmid

Franzi started off with product design and found her passion in applying the design process to services. She worked for corporations and agencies before she started Junge Tüftler as a non-profit organisation together with her friend and business partner Julia in 2015. Since then Junge Tüftler grew and touched many lifes of kids and teens with the approach to show them how to use the computer, code, electronics and other digital tools to reveal their creative potential. Following the vision of enabling kids to become confident citizens who design the world they want to live in Junge Tüftler offers a very different, design inspired, educational approach then you find in schools.

Megan Mulholland

Megan is the Head of Product at CareerFoundry, an online bootcamp provider for career changers looking to break into the tech field. After getting a start in primary and secondary education, she has been working in adult online education as an instructional designer and product manager since 2012. She develops new products and features for online learning platforms, focusing on holistic learning experiences and improving educational outcomes.

Doors will be open from 18:45 as usual.

Looking forward to seeing you at Product Crunch!