World Product Day

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6:00 pm: Check-in & Networking
6:30 pm: Welcome by ProductTank team + Digitec Galaxus (host)
6:35 pm: Talk by Alberto (Google) - The Impact of Speed on Mobile Web
7:05 pm: Talk by Oliver (Creadi) - Innovation Sweet Spot
7:35 pm: Apero
9:00 pm: End of the event

Talk by Alberto
The impact of speed on mobile web performance is often underestimated, although one-second delay in mobile load times can impact conversion rates by up to 20%. Alberto will talk about how to spot performance roadblocks tied to mobile speed, and how technologies like Accelerated Mobile Pages and Progressive Web Apps can solve for those roadblocks.

Who is Alberto?
As a Mobile Web evangelist, Alberto consults Google's largest advertising clients and agencies in Central Europe, advising executives and technical/design teams about their mobile strategy and accelerating their Digital Transformation. Alberto has been with Google for 8 years and developed wide ranging experiences in the field of performance marketing in various industries such as Retail, Finance & Automotive, always with a focus on mobile devices and their impact on business growth.


Talk by Oliver
Imagine it is world product day and you don’t have a “running” product yet! Normally we are working for companies that have a running business and customers. We continuously shape the product and improve the UX. We are running data based experiments to gain more insights and to optimize the conversion funnel. Ideally we have a more or less clear picture of the user’s “main problem” that we want to solve.
The situation changes completely if you are about to create a new product from scratch and if you have to identify and validate a profitable digital solution. Learn more about Oliver's experience on finding the sweet spot for innovation where desirability, feasibility and viability meet. What main questions need to be answered on this expedition?

Who is Oliver?
Oliver is a digital marketing specialist with many years of work experience on the agency and client side. After developing online solutions for multiple swiss and international companies he started at Coop, the largest retail company in Switzerland. Apart from digital campaigning, social media and content marketing, he was responsible for developing digital services as for example the supercard app, digital couponing or single sign on solutions. Since 2018 Oliver works for Creadi, the insurtech powered by Pax. Following the company's core principle "Rethink Insurance", Oliver works passionately on solutions that make insurance more straightforward, understandable and simpler for the customer. Apart from his passion for digital products and innovation topics he loves cooking for friends and family.