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This group is for anyone interested in Full-Stack web Development and Data Science, from learning the basics to making a career out of it. Through our intensive 12-week programs, we strive to give people an opportunity to get into the world of Software Development and Data Science, no matter your experience in these fields. From guest speakers to final projects, come join us to kick-start your future career in technology and to see what our students do in our programs.

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Propulsion Academy Final Projects - Full-Stack Batch #7

After 12 intensive weeks of learning JavaScript, React, Docker, Python, Django and a whole lot more, the students will each present their final projects to you. Get ready to see some great ideas and to be amazed on what they have been put together in such a short amount of time. From technology enthusiasts, former and prospective students, to those looking for a career in software development, this Meetup is for you. Attendance is free and space is limited to 60 participants so make sure to RSVP and show up early! A small apero will be organized after the event. (Project list and presenters will be posted one week before the event)

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Data Science batch #5 Final Projects


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