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Deconstructing Astrology
My dear Beauties, In this new series of meetups, that will work monthly, I am planning to use the archetypes of Astrology to go deep in our unconscious mind and to challenge all astrological and preconceived concepts. We will work on the traditional psychological meaning of the different houses, planets, signs, aspects and transits and we will try to take all interpretations to the limit. If you want to work in the day in your own charts, it´s important that you bring it in your cell phone or printed (you can do it in www.astro.com and choose at the bottom "all possible aspects"). We will do meditations and visualizations on each parameter, different sharings and discussions, and I will decide on what we will work on the week before the meetup, so it will be a surprise for you. The reason why it´s monthly and with this methodology is because the work will be really intense and deeply personal, and the idea is that you take the month to go deep into the process, which I will also do and the following theme will come as a consequence of the work done on the session before. Deconstructing astrology has to do with blowing up our minds to go beyond all we know and to expand them to create new metaphors of every energy so that we can allow ourselves to challenge all preconceived ideas and to take this expansion to our every day lives. See you in this wonderful new trip that we´re approaching with these new meetings. A warm hug, Jennié

At Jennié´s (Garay)

Brunnenstr. 114, 13355 · Berlin

10,00 €

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In this group we meet up to work with astrological concepts as a tool to get closer to ourselves, to spirituality and reality from a holistic point of view. They also have a therapeutic component as the most private and intimate fears and points of vulnerability are touched when we deal with certain subjects. So be prepared for deep psychological and emotional mobilization. Astrology is not necessary about destiny but about the freedom we have to develop our greater potentialities.

These groups have also been thought as an accessible and affordable way of deep work for people that cannot afford this kind of work privately. I would also call them Astro-therapy.

Astrology is a deep, complex and mind-opening discipline that provides us with endless material for every encounter. We will work with ourselves and also learn a lot about Astrology and how it intends to understand the world.

Till soon.

All the best!



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