Saturn in the I House and Aries

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Alle 2 Wochen Dienstag, bis zum 29. Juli 2019

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My dear Beauties,

In this new series of meetups, we will meet again every 15 days to go deeply in every reunion on the meaning of Saturn and its mission in every house and corresponding sign.

Saturn is always thought as a painful influence, when in fact it's one of our greatest allies in the realm of manifestation. I invite you to go deep in its meaning and to dive into the beauty of its darkness.

We will see Saturn in each house per session and if it's necessary to use more than one session, we will. The idea is to go deep into the collective and personal archetypes that Saturn invites us to experience and also to challenge. So like always bring your charts, and collect charts of people you know well and bring them so that we can use them as examples of the energy in the chart.

We will work with this order:
1) Saturn in the water houses and signs
2) Saturn in the earthy houses and signs
3) Saturn in the airy houses and signs
4) Saturn in the fiery houses and signs

We will follow the book "Saturn. A new look at an old devil" from Liz Greene with a loving and critical approach.

Let's enjoy 2019 with deep meaning!!!!!

A warm hug,