Python for Noise filters and History

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In this session we will have 2 talks about how Python is used in history and in creating noise filters and a hands on session to play with the code of the noise filtering project!!


19:00 Doors open
19:10 Community announcements
19:15 {Non code superpower}
19:20 Kialo - Introduction about type hints with Mypy
19:30 Giuditta Parolini - Making digital history
19:50 Peggy Sylopp - Using Python to build an open source smart noise filter

20:15 Break & Networking

20:40 Aislyn Rose - \\Nolze// workshop
22:00 See you next time \o/

• Talk 1:
Making Digital History
Historians make a living studying the past and its paper archives, but they, too, live in the present that is increasingly concerned with digital data and technologies. How do historians deal with this digital transformation? I will discuss my personal experience of learning Python and data science to analyse a set of bibliographic records with historical relevance. In my talk I will explain how Python and data science have contributed to my research on the history of agricultural meteorology, and I will reflect on the challenges and opportunities offered by the use of digital tools in history.

# Giuditta Parolini
Giuditta is a person interested in learning always new things and in taking up new challenges. She has a background in both the sciences (physics) and the humanities (science communication and the history of science). Over the years, she has worked as an historian and as a science writer and editor. Currently, she is a researcher in the history of science at TU Berlin.

• Talk 2:
Using Python to build an open source smart noise filter, by Peggy Sylopp and Aislyn Rose

#Aislyn Rose
Aislyn Rose is deeply drawn to sound and explores it as a developer, researcher, and dancer. She has a M.Sc. in clinical linguistics, which introduced her to acoustics as well as programming, inspiring a career change from academia to tech development. As a freelance developer, she pursues projects that tap into what fascinates her: sound, movement, and anything to do with learning.

# Peggy Sylopp
Peggy is an intermedian artist with diploma in computer science and
master of public policy.
In her artworks she experiments with mixed media installations out of
sound, light and ice. Beyond that he is engaged for and accessible
technologies for people. Aware living and the healing movements of Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi accompany her daily life. ATM she manages till March 2020 the citizen project "Hear How You Like To Hear" at Fraunhofer IDMT. In this context she initiated together with Aislyn Rose the \\NoIze// project, creating the open source selective filter we want to share here
@PyLadies with you.

• Audience level:

• Host
Kialo -

• Requirements
For the hands on session, bring your laptops and please make an account in first!
Also bring some headphones!

• Miscellaneous
Snacks and drinks will be available.

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