Conversations with my computer and python poetry workshop

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Entrance is round the corner were indoor to the left! 🙂

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In this session we will have 2 talks and a workshop!!!

• Talk 1:
Conversations with my computer

This talk begins with the premise that: if you can learn, you can learn to code. Victoria will discuss how, from a very non-tech background, she slowly started to dip her toes into the world of code. She will share with you what she has learned about herself while talking to computer and empower you to believe you can do the same.

# Victoria Hodder
Some people talk to their cats, Victoria Hodder speaks to her laptop...

Victoria is a Web Developer in training. Originally a historian turned English teacher, she started to play with code last year as a way to find a new direction in life. This year she started training with Frauenloop uGU as a full stack Web Developer (currently specialising in Back-End) and is now slowly falling in love with programming. She still doesn’t have a smart phone.

• Talk 2 + Workshop:
Package and Dependency Management with Poetry

Managing a Python project can be overwhelming -- one can need anything from just a requirements.txt file to an array of other files:, setup.cfg, The question for the new or unfamiliar developer can become, when to use what and why?

Poetry, one of the newer packaging and dependency management tools, was built by the author as "the one tool to manage [my] Python projects from start to finish". This is accomplished with a single configuration file, the PEP-518-recommended pyproject.toml.

In this tutorial, I will show how one can get started with Poetry for their new and existing projects.

#Steph Samson

Steph is a software developer by trade and a computational linguist by training. You may know her from the Recurse Center (formerly Hacker School). She is currently based in Berlin and is working at

19h Doors open
7:10 pm - Community introduction
7:20 pm - Gastrofix short intro
7:25 pm - Codemotion conf
7:30 pm - Conversations with my computer
7:55 pm - BREAK
8:15 pm - Package and Dependency Management with Poetry
8:40 pm Poetry workshop (setup and start)
22h00 See you next time \o/

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• Host
Headquartered in Berlin, Gastrofix was founded in 2011. They currently employs 140 people and are represented in 7 countries. With Gastrofix, the cash register becomes a digital control centre for efficient operation.

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Snacks and drinks will be provided by Gastrofix !!

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