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#Marianne Stecklina - Debug like a pro

The debugger is a tool that lets you inspect your code line by line as it runs, and thereby discover bugs much faster. I find being able to use the debugger a very valuable skill – no matter what’s your programming level or your role. There is only little you need to know about the debugger, but practicing is the key and this is what this workshop is all about. I’ll show you the basic workflow and some more advanced debugger features, and you’ll have plenty of time to try it out on a toy code base. Whether you’ve never heard of the debugger or used it occasionally already, this workshop is for you!
Requirements: Please have either PyCharm or VS Code installed.

• Speaker:
#Marianne Stecklina

Marianne produced plenty of bugs since she started programming. The debugger has always been a companion on that road, taught to her by one of her tutors at University of Magdeburg. After finishing her Master’s degree in Computer Science, she moved to Berlin to work as a Deep Learning Engineer for omni:us.
Twitter: @MStecklina

• Audience level:
Basic Python programming knowledge

• Host
Free Now, Brunnenstraße 19-21, 10119 Berlin

• Installation requirements
Python (2 or 3)
Your favorite IDE (PyCharm or VS Code)

• Miscellaneous
Snacks and drinks will be available.

• Gender policy
We believe knowledge is for all and at the same time, our events aim primarily to empower women tech community. We request non-female attendees to be aware of this situation and make their presence discrete. Eg. by coming with a female plus one to ensure gender balance, avoiding to be heard more than the rest of the attendees in discussions and question sections.

• Photography / video consent
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