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Yay! 2019.. Let's meet the IOTA Tangle

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Our Raspberry Pi adventure continues in 2019.

What we've learned so far: setting up the the Pi, and collect data from DHT11 sensors. What we still need to do is *always* collect the data and store it somewhere. In order not to be boring about the somewhere we decided to go for IOTA!!

In this workshop we will deploy code on our Pis which collects data periodically and writes to the Tangle. We will also read data from there. This will be fun for sure!

What you need:

- Raspberry PI 3 or higher
- Charger.. mini-usb phone charger should work
- Micro SD card: at least 8G
- Breadboard
- Sensors, can be the DHT11, or equivalent
- connecting wires
- micro-usb to usb adapter

Our sponsored devices have all been distributed, so if you do not have one you will need to pair with the ones who do or get some at Conrad (or put it on your Santa wish list :D ).

If you missed the previous meetups and have a raspberry pi please check our tutorials and set it up prior to the meetup

• Gesa is a developer at ThoughtWorks. She likes watching Taiwanese talk shows on the internet and enjoys putting things on top of other things.
• Tereza is a data scientist at mytaxi. She likes learning new things.. currently learning Japanese and watching lots of anime.
• Jonas is a lead dev at Maritime Data Systems and besides that he is IOT and IOTA enthusiast

• Location: Wunder Mobility office in Hamburg,

• Level:
- beginner

• Food and drinks:
- yes

• Pre-requisites:
- your laptop and sudo/admin rights
- git

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