September Python Meetup: all about AI and ML

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The September PyMunich edition is featuring three talks on ML/AI by speakers from Intel and IBM. Meetup will be hosted at the IBM Watson Tower. Martin Musiol from IBM is helping us organising this meetup. The plan:

👉 18:30 Doors open, snacks, drinks

👉 19:00 Shailen Sobhee, Intel: "Brain Tumor Segmentation using deep learning"

In this case study, we explore how we employed a deep-learning algorithm to analyze Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans of the human brain and detect tumor areas with reasonably high accuracy. Through this research, we want to show how AI and deep learning can greatly assist medical specialists in making decisions and highlight what are the software and hardware ingredients that you need to conduct such research.

👉 19:40 Martin Musiol, IBM: "Generative AI – how machine learning disrupts the way we build products"

After all the tremendous advancements that have been achieved by AI in the past decade, there is the next generation of AI about to disrupt the way designers, engineers, and many other jobs work - Generative AI. From producing images based solely on the descriptive text to generating music that is indistinguishable from human compositions to predicting how videos might end, AI is getting in on the creative process. In this talk, Martin will provide an understanding of how Generative AI works, how it disrupts product design, and how you can build your own Generative AI in Python.

👉 20:10 Tristan Kraus: "Deep Learning at Home - Building Goban-to-SGF"

In this talk, I’ll share what I’ve learned building an image recognition pipeline by creating my own data set and generating masks on the fly to enable segmentation using U-Net.

The talk’s goal is to inspire others to start a side project of their own in the machine learning space by sharing insights on project planning and tooling.

👉 20:30: Drinks & Networking

See you!
-Anton & Dibya ✌️