"Functional" Python for beginners!

Veranstaltet von Python Users Berlin (PUB)

Öffentliche Gruppe
Python Users Berlin (PUB)
Python Users Berlin (PUB)
Öffentliche Gruppe
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* Python Meetup at co.up
** Timetable
- 19:00 setting up
- 19:10 introductions
- 19:15 "Functional" Python for beginners!
- 19:45 Topic 2
- 20:15 Lightning Talks
- 20:35 closing down
- 20:45 Restaurant

** "Functional" Python for beginners!
"Functional" means thinking in terms of flow, streams, connectors, transforms, closures (reentrant functions, that keep state, context), lazy evaluation, immutability of data, explicit bindings to flows, contexts, statelessness, dynamic scoping, single stage algorithms.
Very much like analog circuits, where electrons are kept in a continuous flow.
Functional languages typically have a complex type system (such as Purescript, Haskell), totally avoiding side effects - by design. Python is not functional language, but nevertheless you can program in a functional way.
This "pythonic talk" will be a heavy brainwash, intended to tremendously increase your productivity by massively reducing complexity, breaking it up into small pieces with a minimum of side effects, teaching you methods to massively reduce friction in huge teams.
Originally intended for software architects only, hopefully well understandable for beginners ;-)

** Topic 2
(no talk)

** Lightning Talks
A lightning talk is a presentation shorter than 10 minutes.
Keep it brief and concise with a lot of slides and code.

** Restaurant
After the meetup we will move to SuedBlock to have a beer together.