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QS GVA - Share, show & tell - Summer 18
QS meet up are back. We invite to a short but dense get along next week. Let's explore together what is happening now and what's coming around the corner. Looking forward to see you there. Below, a detailed program. Welcome Message, by Clement Charles WS GVA Meet Up Founder, AllTheContent CEO. In past year, I notice like most of you that the quantification of the self shifted from a nerdy IT-freak healt3-concerned crowded to the general public. From specific activity trackers to smart-phone/watch apps, we're now speaking mass market, which meet ups even more relevant. http://www.allthecontent.com @ClementCharles Keynote presentation, Katarzyna Wac, Quality of Life Technologies & mQoL Living Lab Leader. Having experienced my mothers’ journey through 20+ years of diabetes type II, and having a “sweet tooth” myself I wondered how my body processes different foods and if there is anything I shall be doing now, to avoid the diabetes in the future. Infrequent glucose monitoring via (panful!) pricking of my finger have not revealed any problem with my sugar, yet I was not satisfied with lack of knowledge what exactly is my body doing. In May 2016 I have finally got hold on Freestyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring device and started to experiment with foods as well as fasting, exercise patterns, sleep and more. I am now more aware of the body responses to different patterns, and when is the least/most damage done to my body. I am happy to share the knowledge and advice fellow experimenters on the use of Freestyle Libre that is easily accessible in Switzerland for non-patients. http://www.qol.unige.ch @katewac

University of Geneva, HEC

Boulevard du Pont d'Arve 40 · Genève

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    The meet up is on quantified self, self tracking and eHealth. It is a fully open group.

    Some of the subject we may discuss: Fitness and health tracking Chemical body load counts Personal genome sequencing Lifelogging Metabolic monitoring Self experimentation Behavior monitoring Location tracking Sleep tracking Mood and emotion tracking Medical self-diagnostics.

    Please find here a complete blog post on the logic of those meetups on the official quantified self site.


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