Quantum Computing Meetup v5.0 @TechQuartier

Quantum Computing Germany
Quantum Computing Germany
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Platz der Einheit 2 2nd floor · Frankfurt am Main

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Building "Pollux": 2nd floor, Room Waldstadion // Ask reception for Quantum Computing meetup (other events may take place)

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This meetup is the fifth event to form a quantum computing community with academia, developer, geeks, analysts, consultants, managers and more. All people, roles, ages and interests are most welcome to explore this new technology from the basics. We will provide drinks and snacks to have possibility to exchange ideas, chat and network.

We are going to live stream the event via our youtube page:

Part 1)
For the first talk we are very happy to announce that James Wootton from IBM will introduce games for quantum computers. Quantum computers will offer advantages in all areas of computation, including computer games. In this talk we'll look at why you might make a quantum game today, and how to do it.
Part 2)
On the second part we have Tim Leonhardt and Felix Schiessl from Accenture to talk about Quantum Risk Analysis.