Lambda Cologne @REWE digital: Functional Programming on the JVM

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The brand new Lambda Cologne being our guest with there first meetup:

λ(1): Functional Programming on the JVM

This is the same event as . Please only register once!

- 18:00 Welcome and get-together
- 18:30 Talk 1 - Functional Programming on the JVM (Robert Avram)
- approx. 19:00 Short break
- approx. 19:10 Talk 2 - Putting your Types to Work (Christoph Hegemann)

Afterwards you're welcome to stick around and socialize.


"Functional Programming on the JVM" by Robert Avram

Robert has been working as a Clojure developer for over two years at REWE digital. In this talk he will guide us through the spectrum of languages on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and how well they support functional programming.

He will discuss Java, Kotlin, Scala, Clojure, and end on Eta and Frege.

Combined with concrete examples from practical use this talk will leave you with a better understanding of the functional landscape on the JVM.


"Putting your Types to Work" by Christoph Hegemann

Christoph is quite the functional programming enthusiast. He worked on PureScript which is a strongly-typed functional programming language that compiles to JavaScript.

In this talk he is going to teach us how we can use types to let the compiler help you avoid writing bugs.


Notes on getting to REWE and parking:

To find REWE digital on the Carlswerk you can take a look at the following Video, which shows how you get from the Carlswerk's main entry to REWE digital's building:­

Parking is possible in either:
1. the paid car park of the Carlswerk
2. the REWE digital / ZooRoyal park spots, see below

To use the REWE digital spots you'll have to print out a special parking ticket which you can find attached to this meetup (follows soon). Please print the ticket, fill in your license plate number, and put it clearly visible in your car.