Lambda Cologne @REWE digital: Workshop - Type Inference from Scratch

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REWE digital Events Cologne
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REWE Digital findet ihr auf dem Carlswerk im Gebäude Kupferwerk 2.20 auf der 1. Etage. Bitte die Anfahrtsbeschreibung ( beachten.

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Join us for the fourth Lambda Cologne event and the first one in the new year 2020! Many thanks to Lambda Cologne to be our guest again!

This is the same event as Please only register once!

- 18:00 Welcome and get-together
- 18:30 Workshop - Type Inference from Scratch

Afterwards you're welcome to stick around and socialize.

Due to the format we can only offer a very limited number of seats.


"Type Inference from Scratch" by Christoph Hegemann

Christoph is quite the functional programming enthusiast. He worked on PureScript - a strongly-typed functional programming language that compiles to JavaScript - and gets paid to work on the Motoko compiler (

In this workshop we'll implement a Hindley-Milner style type system - as used by F#, OCaml, Scala, and Haskell - for a small functional programming language. On the way we'll learn about some of the underlying theory, notation and trade-offs between type system features. But most importantly we'll write the core inference algorithm ourselves alternating between working in small groups and mob-programming (In Kotlin).

The workshop aims to allow everybody to follow along, regardless of their knowledge around type systems. And while some experience in functional programming helps, it's not strictly required!


Notes on getting to REWE and parking:

To find REWE digital on the Carlswerk you can take a look at the following Video, which shows how you get from the Carlswerk's main entry to REWE digital's building:­. Details can also be found here:

Parking is possible in either:
1. the paid car park of the Carlswerk
2. the REWE digital / ZooRoyal park spots, see below

To use the REWE digital spots you'll have to print out a special parking ticket which you can find attached to this meetup. Please print the ticket, fill in your license plate number, and put it clearly visible in your car.