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InVision AG

Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 8 · Leipzig

Wie du uns findest

Please ring the bell labelled with InVision on the door directly to the left of Subway.

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It is time to continue with the ReactJS meetup!

This time it's all about testing. The best React app is nothing without double the number of lines with test code 🤪🤯😵
We are going to have some lightning talks and discussions about:
- component testing with jest & enzyme
- end2end testing with cypress
- visual regression testing with storybook & chromatic

We will have small groups and will rotate through the topics.

18:00 Welcome
18:15 First round
18:45 Food & Networking
19:30 Second & Third round
20:30 Wrap up & next meetup planning

The meetup is hosted at InVision @Karli. There will be food and drinks available. Doors are open at 17:45.

Language: The preferred language of the meetup is German. Depending on the language skills of our crowd we can switch to English.

Happy to meet you,
Thomas, Jana, Sebastian & Caspar