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Join the Rebooting Web of Trust Community. We are a community of tech and business enthusiasts, working to create an identity layer for the internet. In open working groups, we work on standards, code and documentation that will turn the current digital Identity Management sector on its head.

Every human, object and machine will have a digital identity. A digital twin. The digital twin represents a human, an object or a machine and can tell its entire story. It stores data about its creation, relationships, events in life, health and death.

Learn about very impactful W3C standardisation activities and the importance and secure private key management, decentralised identifiers (DIDs) as well as Verifiable Credentials (VCs). This blend of technology enables any actor – human, machine, autonomous thing – to establish credential-based trust with any other, previously unknown actor.

See how these technologies revolutionise the internet by

• empowering humans with self-sovereign identity to finally control their digital self,

• improving the internet of things (IoT),

• enabling the 4th industrial revolution and

• providing a foundational technology for the circular economy.

Over the last year, the DID technology specifications incubated in the Rebooting the Web of Trust community have made good progress harmonizing with related work elsewhere and moving toward acceptance in W3C and IETF as international standards. While other companies have contributed code to the Hyperledger and Ethereum codebases as well as to multiple open source repositories and proprietary identity platforms to anchor DID systems in major public blockchains and connect them to legacy systems.

If you want also to join Rebooting the Web of Trust events, please visit the official website www.weboftrust.info.

The events of this group are complementary to the official bi-annual reboot web of trust workshops. To establish a Berlin Rebooting Web of Trust community, we invite experts, tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, business developers, innovation manager and officials from the public sector to this meetup group. People with all levels of expertise or experience are welcome, and topics discussed will include where to begin self-educating or finding specialists.

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