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This is the group for social entrepreneurs and social business in Rhein-Main. Moderated and curated by Christine (Make Sense Frankfurt), Christine (Social Impact Lab Frankfurt), Birgit (Social Impact Lab Frankfurt / SEND) and Micha (Social Impact Lab Frankfurt / SEND).

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THIS IS A COPY! PLEASE SEE FULL DESCRIPTION & RSVP HERE: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/FrankfurtDataScience/events/255952691/ On 27 of June we are bringing Frankfurt Data Science, Women Techmakers and Women in AI communities together to talk about the most IMPACTFUL topic for humankind and nature - Multiplying social good by using Data and AI. How many lives were saved with a help of predictive analytics in medical diagnostics? Hurricane Sandy, how many children were found under the ruins of houses and saved with a help of graph analytics? Hundreds and thousands. Oil spills diffusions are prevented with a help of deep learning of images made by satellites. Isn’t it all awesome? We have great people on the stage and in the room, professional, inspiring and confident. Besides, we are inviting our audience to take part at our super-special fishbowl discussion.

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