Initialization: 1 JavaScript MeetUp


Woop woop,

good news everyone:

I'm glad to pronounce our first Meetup for the RheinNeckarJS.

Since we haven't anything like JavaScript Usergroups in Heidelberg/ Mannheim I hope everybody will come and enjoy it.

The first announced talk will be:

ca. 19:00 - Teaching an AI how to AI by Christoph Martens

lycheejs is a modern next-gen isomorphic application engine. Its focus is the cross-platform deployment of applications to other platforms using plain ECMAscript. This talk will explain the necessary architecture and evolved concepts of lycheejs - and their advantages in the perspective of debugging, simulation, editing, forking and re-using of application-specific code amongst other platforms.

Chris is a mad software scientist coming from the Game Engine World. After years of repetitive programming, he decided to shift his passion to the Artificial Intelligence sector and to start teaching AIs how to program and design software. Now, working at Artificial Engineering (, he trains software bots and AIs for a living.

ca. 19:45 - 15 minutes break

ca. 20:00 - Data Sync for Apps: With offline support but without cloud

Data is the fuel for any business application on the market. In the year 2016 we're accessing company-internal data not only from our workplace anymore. While in a car, train, hotel—nowadays we want to use other devices like smartphones or tablets instead of that single notebook we had ten years ago.

Your data is your business. And also in terms of informational privacy, your data is deserving protection. Storing sensible data in a public cloud is sometimes out of the question.

Christian Liebel and Marco Frodl of Thinktecture will show you how to implement an offline-aware data store including synchronization to locally stored corporate data with the help of PouchDB and Thinktecture RelayServer ( This doesn't only work in a browser, but on a whole bunch of both mobile and desktop platforms.

There is plenty of pizza and beer available.

Looking forward to see you guys!!!!