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Rhineland Rhetoric Retreat #9
REGISTRATION AT https://redendoktor.de/rrr/ IS MANDATORY! This is the real original RRR - The Event which gave name to this group. A long weekend packed with workshops and seminars on (mostly) communication topics. With friendly, open-minded people from many different places and countries. With good food and drinks, plenty of time to chat with old and new friends. And of course parties in evenings. Getting inspired and inspiring others, learning new things and teaching others. In short: Shitloads of fun. We have secured the venue we met at last time - Zentrum Frieden in Solingen. A nice, hostel-style location with great conference rooms and a very well equipped kitchen. Yes, we will again cook our own food. Full packages including a bed for three nights, food and drinks, even beer and decent wine start at 180 €. The event website is up: http://www.redendoktor.de/rrr Registration is open! The beginning and end times are approximate. We are now working on the agenda. We are looking forward to hearing from you, soon! More info and registration on https://redendoktor.de/rrr/

Zentrum Frieden

Wupperstraße 120 · Solingen

Registrierung bis zum: 15.9.2018