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Talk: Artificial Neural Networks
I'm very happy to announce that Damien Drix from the Cognitive Robotics Laboratory at HU Berlin is willing to give a introductionary talk about Neural Networks. The talk will give us the basic intuitions behind all kind of different ANN approaches and there won't be the time to dive to much into all mathematical concepts. We could address some approaches with special meetups if we want... Still it's interesting for people who already know a bit about about ANNs, as there might be some architectures you're not yet familiar with and it's also very interesting for novices to grasp some intuitions. The date and place are not yet fixed...

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We already have thousands of Narrow Artificial Intelligences. Machines trade stocks, drive cars, fly planes, write emails, call people, win in Go, manage resources and optimize processes.

Everyday we Humans give power to AI. We let AI do our work. We let AI think for us. We let AI take care of our money. We let AI do, we don't want to do.

What will the future hold for us humans? Will we have to upgrade? Do we want to compete?

Let us discuss these questions and many more:

• Does AI steal our jobs or do we give them freely?

• When will we have an AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)?

• Will we see a Superintelligence?

• Will we Humans be Superhappy, Superintelligence and have Superlongevity?

• What are the next steps to expand into the Galaxy?

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