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Interlaken climbing and Deep Water Solo
Saturday Lehn... this location is regarded as a 'hard' crag. With only eleven 5a-5c routes, it's well known for strong climbers. There are other crags around (5-15 min away - Bockster, Neuhaus). Guides Plaisir West (extreme) Topos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jjyabdewisg9v7c/AADnpNbzN4lrqm6DydfJO4HHa?dl=0 Saturday night Sleep at the camping spot: https://www.campinghobby.ch/pages/de/raquo-preise-angebote.php Sunday Deep Water Solo Thun Again, the routes over the water aren't very easy. Min 5c-6a climber to climb them. You will need your own gummy boat (you can buy at migros or interdiscount for around 75chf). Topos: http://slack-line.ch/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/TopoSundlauenen.pdf Find a partner as most people don't enjoy climbing in three's. Comment below to find someone if you like. Train can get you to the spot with a bit of walking. Or find someone with a car.


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Looking for a climbing partner? Join us. There is bouldering and climbing once a week and if the weather somehow permits it, we go outdoors on weekends. Mostly expats, but we slowly aquire some swiss people!

Please remember, that we do not offer technical assistance for teaching climbing safety. If you want to try climbing, then try bouldering first as this requires no belaying. If you want to learn how to rope climb, be it toprope or lead, be it single or multipitch, please take a course.

We do pay attention to proper belay technique and if we see someone with unsatisfactory technique we will point it out up to the point of telling to the people running the climbing gym.

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