June Rust Meetup

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We are happy to announce our June - Meetup.

This will be the last Meetup before the Summer break.

As we all can see we're aiming at the last Tuesday of every month as our recurring date.


Rust for games - A song of safety and performance by Lukas Vogl

Can Rust be used as a language for developing performance critical software such as a game engine? How does it compare to C++? This talk is going to introduce Spark, a in-development game engine in Rust developed in Vienna. Primarily it shall serve as a proof-of-concept and research solution of Rust's viability compared to C++.

He's currently finished his master in game engineering and simulation. Since years he's interested in low-level programming, engine development and graphics programming, mainly in C and C++. When he heard about Rust he wanted to see if it could be used in the sector of game engineering and if its safety rules could prevent some pitfalls commonly occurring with C++.

you can follow him on twitter @GrailFox and on github ParzivalSec

We're looking forward to see you all :)