Rust Meetup April 2019

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Dear cRustecians,

we are happy do announce our meetup this April on the 30th in the metalab starting at 19h.

We got 2 talks so far the first one is going to be:

Kassalibre by Raymundo

A register software building on Ubuntu-Touch as mobile devices, QT5-Creactor for the GUI and Rust for the backend.
It uses smart carts to the server to sign the invoices. It is still in the developing Phase, so there will be some QA in both directions. Feedback is very much appreciated.

And the second one

Implementing the Add Trait

Building a primitive fixed point arithmetic data-structure and the implementation of it.
Not as a binary representation, but with an integer tuple
Questions of representation, Math behind it, ways of implementations.
And how something fairly simple in our heads can have a decent overhead as soon as we have to explain it to the machine.

We are open for additional talks. Please let us know.

best Jakob