• Spann Vineyard Wines at the Half Moon Bay Wine & Cheese Wine Tasting

    Half Moon Bay Wine & Cheese

    We're returning to Half Moon Bay Wine & Cheese. Huge thanks to Susana of Susler Sales for helping me organize this event. We will be having a tasting of wines from Spann Vineyard. You can learn more about their wines below. https://spannvineyards.com/ Learn More About HMB Wine & Cheese: https://www.hmbwineandcheese.com/ Tasting Cost: $20-30/person (to be determined) Number of Spots: 15 FOOD HMB Wine & Cheese has a selection of cheeses you can enjoy. I recommend making a day of it though, and maybe exploring more of HMB before and/or after the tasting as well. There are a lot of great restaurants and hangouts. NO PARTY-CRASHERS... This venue is cozy, so we need to respect the space we're given. Sorry. Please keep your RSVP updated and keep an eye on the waitlist. :) As always, please come prepared to play a game for a prize as well. Special Notes The staff at our events work hard to make sure we have a good time. Please remember to tip them if you feel comfortable doing so. We are NOT a singles or dating group. This is meant to be a fun and friendly atmosphere. Please be respectful to all members at all times. Our venues plan around your RSVP, so please keep your RSVP updated.