Art meets Science

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** We have very limited places. Only registered attendees will be able to get in. Please only register if you are really joining. Bring an ID with you. Thanks. **

Art meets Science

Science and Art are two deeply connected disciplines. Both require attention to detail, persistence, creativity and problem solving capabilities. Among scientists you find a lot of highly skilled musicians (like Heisenberg or Einstein), artists and even writers, and vice versa some very famous artists were scientists as well (e.g. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe). Why separating what in fact belongs together? Our tonite’s meetup features a scientist who is working on new (sometimes artistic) methods to visualize scientific data (Prof. Dr. Marc Streit, JKU Linz) and an artist (Jens Harder, book author, see who draws scientific comics. We are looking forward to some stimulating presentations and discussions.

P.S. As we are experimenting with a new space (20m right-hand side from the main entrance) unfortunately we have to limit this event to max. 42 people. Sorry. WE WILL CHECK THE NAMES ON THE ATTENDEES LIST. NOT ON THE LIST, CANNOT GET IN. Sorry again.

P.P.S. This is IRL really experimental !! Practically no chairs available !!