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Saheli is a women's group that primarily connects women of Indian and South Asian origin. It's main goal is to engage and support women; and provide a safe place for them to socialize, where they can build and grow deep, meaningful friendships. We also welcome women of other ethnic backgrounds who are interested in South Asian culture.

We do potlucks, picnics, camping trips, coffee/lunch/dinner meets, movie nights, Girls night outs, sleepovers, karaokes, ticketed parties, volunteering for cause and more. We celebrate festivals together.

Some of us love to dress up, some of us are happy with just a pair of jeans and a pony tail. Some of us love to cook, some of us only like to eat! :) some of us are from north, some of us from south. Some of us like to dance, some of us would rather be invisible when dancing starts! So you got it! You will always fit in! We accept and love everyone the way they are!

The only rule we follow is : No drama please! We laugh (a lot!!) and most importantly we stick together for the ones in need.

Do not worry if if it is your first time joining us at a meetup and you don't know anyone here. We will make sure that you feel welcome and are comfortable. So join us for any of the meetups without any hesitation. We are a very inclusive group.

Running a meetup is a significant recurring monetary cost to the organizers. However we are able to keep it a free experience for members to be a part of this community. How? Thanks to our sponsors, who chip in to make this happen for you. Let's be grateful to them for bringing wonderful connections, opportunities to have fun and support in our lives.

Here's a list of Saheli sponsors:

EthnicThread app - Desi girl's app to buy/sell fashion closet to closet.

Realtor, Heena Joshi Bhagwat

Neepa G Photography

Note: If you want to promote your business or events to Saheli members, you will need to become a sponsor for Saheli. Contact organizer for details.

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