• Coordinating Open Source: Today and Tomorrow

    One Front Street

    **The address for the meetup is 1 Front St, San Francisco. Please let the building security know you're there for the Decred Meetup at Coinbase. Once you're at the office, ring the doorbell and check in with Coinbase's front desk. We couldn't be more excited to announce our second meetup which will be held at Coinbase HQ in partnership with Coinbase Custody. Coinbase Custody is an independent, NYDFS-regulated entity built on Coinbase’s crypto-first DNA, offering the most expert and reliable custody solution in the market. Reading list for the discussion can be found here: https://decreddevs.github.io/ **Important note on the venue: You must RSVP if you want to attend. We're have to give building security a list of registered names beforehand** ———— Most cryptocurrencies encounter challenges coordinating open source development, namely governance disputes and a lack of long term funding. In the absence of a central authority, network stakeholders typically attempt to influence development in their favor, which can become a major issue in the absence of formal governance systems. In Bitcoin, there has long been a struggle between users, developers, and miners. The result of which has been an inability to push forward certain network upgrades. Similarly, without equity or income streams, open source cryptocurrencies have difficulties incentivizing continued development, leading to a tradgedy of the commons. Decred solves traditional FOSS challenges by introducing a formal governance system and a way to sustainably self-fund the project. By allocating 10% of every block reward to a community-directed Treasury, Decred's stakeholders determine the future of the project. Join us for our second SF Decred Devs meetup alongside Decred Developer, Luke Powell, for a discussion on Decred's unique governance and self-funding models and how they can be applied to other open source cryptocurrency projects. After Luke's presentation, we'll all gather for a moderated discussion on the various methods cryptocurrency teams use to fund their projects and the tradeoffs faced with each model. Thank you Coinbase Custody for partnering and hosting us! ———— Agenda: 6:30 — 7:00: Doors Open and Networking 7:00 — 7:30: Governance and Funding in Decred — Luke Powell 7:30 — 8:30: Socractic Seminar on Cryptocurrency Funding Models 8:30 — 9:00: Drinks, Snacks, Networking

  • Inaugural SF Decred Meetup

    440 Pacific Ave

    Cryptocurrencies are deeply rooted in open source culture and, as a result, have traditionally relied on informal governance structures to guide project direction. This type of informal governance has led to long-running clashes between miners, users and developers over questions like: - Who gets to decide what features are added to the project? - How does the project fund future development? - How are disputes within the project resolved? Decred is attempting to solve these problems by creating a network that aligns the incentives of all stakeholders and by forging new mediums for open source coordination. In Decred, both the work of miners and stakers is required to apend blocks to its ledger, creating better checks and balances system between users, miners, and developers. Stakeholders are also able to vote on consensus rule changes and off-chain governance initiatives, such as allocating the network treasury through proposals on Politeia. We're excited to explore Decred alongside the Decred Dev team, as well as Chris Burniske and Alex Evans from Placeholder Ventures. Thank you to Blockchain Capital for graciously hosting us! Agenda: 6:30 — 7:00: Doors open and Networking 7:00 — 7:30: Introduction to Decred 7:30 — 8:00: Placeholder VC presents an overview of Decred's recent network growth (hash rate, staking utilization, Politeia proposals, etc). 8:00 — 9:00: Drinks, Snacks and Networking Please come join us for an evening of camaraderie and conversation! ———— Come prepared with an understanding of the latest developments from the Decred project: https://medium.com/decred/decred-journal-january-2019-358943759f79