Nächstes Meetup

Bruno Bonanno will talk about Mockito-Scala Mockito-Scala started as just a way to reuse the boilerplate usually needed to overcome the Scala-Java interoperability issues that we can find in some parts of the Mockito API, but in short time, it grew up to a tool that, using the power of the Scala language, not only provides a much nicer API to the user, but also overcomes some long-standing limitations of the library that couldn’t be address with Java. In this talk we’ll mix an overview of its main features with the language tools that enabled them. Bruno is a software engineer with 17+ years worked in the IT industry. He also spent 5 years teaching at his alma mater before moving to London’s consulting arena, where it helped companies such as Morgan Stanley, Sky, HMRC, Barclays (and more) to deliver better and more robust software. Currently he helps SwissBorg to deliver the next generation of cryptocurrencies trading software.

Romande Energie

EPFL Innovation Park Building F · Lausanne

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