A living knowledge network, its data autonomy and connection to the Io(R) things

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Today, researcher interact 'offline' with their research devices and they document research results in traditional name-value databases such as Excel. They make sense of findings by 'mapping' them manually into a scientific narrative which they publish after a certain condition is fulfilled. This process has been critized to be too vulnerable to subjective perspectives which might result in scientific story-telling and 'waste'.

Imagine following: In the future researcher work with their Internet of (research) things that 'sensor' research data in an immutable and unforgeable manner using blockchainified research databases. Imagine further so that new network analyses might provide novel insights into dependencies in our surroudings which can be objectively 'mapped' and constantly re-evaluated, published and discussed.

Here, we will demonstrate these prospectives and discuss them.

James Littlejohn will speak about "A living knowledge network (dsensor.org) based on Blockchain technology."

Tobias Fries (structechblog.com) will speak on "Less waste, more true results: Innovative discovery methods and immutable data trailing in the internet of research things"