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Living in Munich? Interested in search, Information Retrieval or NLP? Tired of having introductory meetings without deep dives into search technologies like Apache Lucene, Elasticsearch, Apache Solr, SenseiDB or Sphinx?

The Munich Search Meetup is here to change all of that. We are a vendor neutral meetup, meaning we are search product agnostic, programming language agnostic and our content is all about search, not about a particular vendor or solution.

We meet every 2 months in the evening and enjoy pizza, beer and sharing knowledge together. Our venue rotates so that we get to know different search companies in Munich. If you are interested in offering a location, please contact the group organizers.

We're also looking for speakers:
* Technical content only: no marketing talks or sales pitches
* Open source search products (Lucene, Solr, Elasticsearch, Sphinx, etc.)
* Great sample topics include:
** war stories, such as details about your custom search implementation
** low level talks about search/information retrieval/NLP

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