WebAssembly for everyone!

SeeIT - IT Meetup in Konstanz / Kreuzlingen
SeeIT - IT Meetup in Konstanz / Kreuzlingen
Öffentliche Gruppe

Wasserturm Stromeyersdorf - 6. OG

Turmstraße 30, 78467 Konstanz, · Konstanz

Wie du uns findest

The SeeIT takes place at the top floor of the tower. There is an elevator.

Bild des Veranstaltungsortes


There is a new player in the scene of web development! WebAssembly has become more and more relevant within the last couple of years. But it's not only suitable for web development! Slowly, it is starting to be used in other areas as well.
At this meetup Thomas Rosenau will shed some light into the dark and show us what WebAssembly really is, how it has made it's way up to relevance and of course also how you can use it!

We are very happy to have Thomas as a speaker for this event! He has been a frequent visitor at the SeeIT for years. So this is an event from the community for the community :)

As always, the event is for free and we will take care about pizza and cool drinks ;)

See you in the tower :)