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Serverless Munich
Serverless Munich
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This season we found a small cosy vendor who will give us shelter in front of the fireplace.
AWS opens its doors at their new residency at the Odeonsplatz. As part of the official AWS Loft event we are invited to discuss the newest trends at the end of their official serverless day and of course we found again enthusiasts as speakers


1. "Sailing towards Knative with Istio" - Pavlos Tzianos

When most cloud native engineers hear the word Istio (meaning Sail in Greek),
they think about service meshes. It was the first system that tried to get
SPIFFE into K8s networking and now it forms the networking backbone in many
applications. In this talk we will be exploring its features and use cases from
Ingress and Egress traffic routing all the way to enabling Knative.

2. "How to setup a serverless, distributed, P2P system on my own?" - Frank Polster

You are loving AWS services like S3, Aurora and IAM Single-Sign On because they are globally distributed, safe and well known?
You maybe want to try this by your own with OpenSource? Not possible you think, then sharpen your ears, an old pal is back

We will talk about P2P
- IPFS - a protocol for file storage and file exchange
- OrbitDB - serverless, distributed, peer-to-peer database
- 3box - for real Self Sovereign Identity

3. "Secret Talk by AWS"
lets get surprised

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